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Wire line tools are cabling technologies that are used to completion and maintenance in a smooth way.

Some of the wire line tools are discussed below:-


The purpose of an accelerator is that it is designed to make the jarring action more prominent and it also helps in the cushion of the force that is applied on the ripe socket. To know more about this application visit the page top quality wire line tool manufacturer.

The accelerator runs on the tool string that is directly below the rope socket when the jarring is up. Collapse of the spring occurs and also the spring tension is set free when the hydraulic jars fire. This causes acceleration of the tool string upwards and that to at a much higher rate of speed. This helps in a certain way that it keeps the energy of the jarring force in the tool string. It also helps in lowering the force on the line and also the rope socket.

You should be careful about not placing a vice jaws or pipe wrenches on the barrel where it can be crushed. Also make sure to remove the cap head screws before you try to disassemble the body. When you take it for servicing makes sure that all the cracks and damaged parts are repaired.

Blind box

The wire line tool that is blind box is used to deliver downward jarring blows.

The blind box is perfect as it can serve the purpose of heavy downward jarring that is done to move obstructions down hole and also it adds enough stem weight.

It is necessary to select the right blind box so that it can cover the area of the obstruction. It should also make sure that the blind box is not very big in size or else it may face certain difficulties. During the process when the blind box is ran on the end of a tool string to cut wire from a rope socket of lost wire and tools, make sure that the O. D. of the blind box is enough.


Another type of wire line tool is the centralizer that is mainly used to centralize the tool string in large diameter tubing and also in case of casing.

The application of centralizer wire line tool is that it ran mainly just above the pulling tool. But there are several instances when some other applications are required to multiple centralizers so that it can move higher in the tool string.

There are certain precautions that you should take those include inspection if the bow springs after every use to check for any kind of cracks and wear. Also there are the mandrels that are much lighter than those full sized tool strings. Because of these excessive jarring should be avoided. If there is the case of running through profile nipples it might cause score of the seal bore and thus it will result in damage of the nipples. And also the plugs would not seal.

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